Web diagnostics for Sitecore

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Contributing to the Project

The project is maintained as an Open Source repository on GitHub. There is an open Issue list on the repository where any bugs and defects that you encounter can be reported. The Issue list is also where you are encouraged to offer suggestions for future project features.

Guidance on Working on the Project

If you are interested in contributing to the growth and development of Sitecore.Glimpse in even a small way, please read the notes below.

The project can be built and tested from the command line by entering:


Please ensure that there are no compilation or test failures and no code analysis warnings are being reported.

Running the Smoke Tests

The build.proj file contains a set of smoke tests to verify that the Sitecore.Glimpse features all run successfully when the package has been installed in a Sitecore website.

In order to run these smoke tests you will need to:

You can then run the smoke tests by entering:

.\build RunSmokeTests

Curl commands will fire off HTTP requests to the test website to verify that the site is still responding as intended. These commands should execute successfully before you send a pull request back to the main project.

Your participation in the project is very much welcomed.