Web diagnostics for Sitecore

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Working with the Source Code

To start working with the Sitecore.Glimpse source code you will need a local copy of the project.

Building the Package

Follow these simple steps:

Installing the Package

Ensure that the website project is set to run with .NET Framework 4.5

Run the following powershell command in the package manager console of the Visual Studio solution for the target website:

install-package Sitecore.Glimpse.Mvc5 -Source <path>

Where <path> is the path to the artifacts\Packages\ folder that was produced by the build command.

Installing the package will do the following:

Testing Sitecore.Glimpse

Open your website in a browser and navigate to http://<yoursite>/Glimpse.axd and click Turn Glimpse On. When you go to http://<yoursite>/ the Glimpse panel should appear in the lower right corner of the browser window.