Web diagnostics for Sitecore

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Project History

This project was born out of an earlier work by Sitecore's David Morrison who created the Sitecore.GlimpsePlugins.SitecoreContext plugin. There is an excellent Virtual User Group presentation given by David which explains what problem the plugin was out to solve.

Moving On

The Sitecore.Glimpse project goals are to:

Your participation in this project is very much welcomed. Please take the time to find out how to contribute.

Thanks to the Glimpse Community

This project is essentially just a couple of custom tabs built on top of the Glimpse open source diagnostics platform for the web. Huge thanks to Anthony and Nik for creating such an awesome ecosystem, enabling a project like this one to surface all of that valuable Sitecore information right into your browser.

If this project has sparked your interest why not wander over to the Glimpse Community page and get involved.